Back to one... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @SunCat I have written a few drafts that I considered posting on the blog before, but eventually I begin overthinking it all and not posting them hahah... I think maybe I'd be better off just writ…


No drawing today sorry. Will resume regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, but I have to keep this chain alive. At least make it to double digits PLEASE. @SunCat I feel you on the waiting for updates... it's the reason I often just read…


@edeni Yeah I had it in mind for awhile now, but it's nothing as fancy as what you're imagining. I got the idea when I first saw the Bongo Cat webcam for osu players, and wanted to make a basic version like that but with my character inste…


Working... @Penguin I've actually modeled for quite a few years now hahah, I just don't really do it much anymore. I did want to make something special for my stream though, hence the model. As for other things, my specialization was in gr…


Working... @Kevin Nice! I totally binged Haikyuu too, hahah. I loved episode 16 in particular for season 1. Just seeing the other side of team sports where people deal with losing. It's a pretty important aspect that I feel often gets over…


Working... @edeni Hahah yeah I don't have a switch either, but I plan on picking one up for Animal Crossing. Almost feels like a bit of a waste to pick one up just for a single game, but I think it's the only game I'm really looking forwar…


Scribbles. @Penguin yeah I saw the outfits, though the first two you linked aren't too new right? The second two you linked came out a few days back, I liked the casual outfit quite a lot. I actually did sketch Saki back when the costumes …


Gestures. Scribbles.




Scribbles. @Naemi she's original. Mostly been scribbling random characters instead of fanart while I shake off the rust, but the Pokemon update earlier has me thinking about drawing Sonia hahah.




Gestures. Clothing studies. Bonus scribble.


Gestures. Clothing studies. Bonus scribbles.


Gestures. Hand studies. Bonus scribble.


Thanks for your warm comments. Also hi zornor's RSS feed. Gestures. Hand studies.


Hi, no updates. Just wanted to make a post to bookmark today (23rd May 2019) so I remember it in future. Hi future Pas, please don't forget about today. Actually, I guess since I'm taking the time to make a blog entry I should write a bit …


Hi blog can you please stop dying on me thanks.


I've promised a few people that I would finish this story, and now that my backlog is mostly cleared I'm going to try and see that promise fulfilled. The next 5 chapters have been drafted for a few months now already... honestly it's been …


Finishing off an old drawing from a stream awhile back... @Linx It's not pushy at all! I actually didn't even see your tweet due to my feed getting flooded, so I'm grateful you thought to link it. I left a comment on twitter but I want to …


I posted a short, 2-page comic on my twitter the other day that was based on a silly little idea I had. This was the quick scribble I made when I was thinking of how I wanted to draw it. The end result didn't really differ too much, aside …


@Kevinfu hahah yeah, I think most people just assumed it was blonde, which is to be expected. I just personally really liked how this colour combination looked, really suited the character in my mind. @Penguin that outfit is cute, I really…


Doodles. @Penguin that pauldron on Saki's outfit bothers me so much lol. As for Astolfo, I'm not really sure if I have a favorite outfit, I sorta like seeing casual clothing on characters, it's nice to see what characters would wear just d…


Working on something...


Was a super short but fun stream today.


M200 CAME HOME. Managed to get her in 40 contracts, very happy! Getting grape was much more difficult... ended up spending a total of 180 contracts to get her (I already had her sister strawberry prior to rate-up). Also collected 2 extra M…


I had a stupid idea for a comic involving Sobbel.


Maintenance has begun


M200 is coming.


This blog is always on the verge of death.


Stream got a bit strange... Bonus doodle.