what if


[9:38:03 p.m.] Pas: dude

[9:38:08 p.m.] Pas: i just thought of the most badass idea

[9:38:09 p.m.] Pas: what if

[9:38:13 p.m.] Pas: you give tomato 4 swords

[9:38:29 p.m.] Pas: and you put a chain on the hilt of all 4 swords that ties them to her left wrist

[9:38:32 p.m.] Pas: so she can THROW the swords

[9:39:36 p.m.] Jason: yea... i guess its fine

[9:39:47 p.m.] Pas: you're not EXCITED ENOUGH

[9:40:00 p.m.] Jason: im not excited at all