So, here's the breakdown. Solo queue Ability Draft. Enemy Naga gets frost arrows, ends up top lane against me and PL. I pretty much give up on the lane since we have nothing to deal with it and head to the jungle, letting PL leech solo exp and just hug the tower. PL gives up first blood. And second. And third. PL gives up on the game, sells his items and right clicks down mid lane to start feeding. PL feeds. I keep jungling, second lowest GPM in the game. Afk farming til the end of time since we've pretty much lost, don't want to lane and feed. Enemy pudge D/Cs, they pause. We say it's 4v5, and just tell them to end quickly, and that we'll pause if he's about to get an abandon. Blue (his friend) flips out and starts swearing at us, and even though I didn't unpause, reports all of us and hurls the insults. Pudge reconnects. Tiny, Mirana and Sven have between them 5 stuns. They start roaming and getting kills. PL continues to feed. At this point, with me afk farming, PL walking down mid to feed, Tiny, Mirana and Sven are fighting a 3v5 and trading pretty evenly. I start getting richer, and buy Butterfly. Enemy goes for mid rax, I try get my butterfly off the courier. PL feeds the courier to the enemy before I get it. We wipe the enemy anyway. We take rosh. I manage to get my butterfly, and pick up a deso and mkb. We wipe them 2 more times before mega creeps and throne. This is actually the first time in Dota 2 I've ever played with someone who intentionally fed, and disrupted courier usage. Jesus christ what a game.


Sorry for the wall of text, I know nobody cares about it, but goddamn does it feel good to win like that. Nothing beats beating someone who just flamed the shit out of you.


Oh, and if anyone's curious what abilities I had, it was POTM Leap, Sven cleave, SK vamp aura and Drow ulti. Yes, it's a lot of passives, but I couldn't get Shukuchi or any other stuns since I was the last to pick. Plus, it ended up working out, I farmed like a god with that cleave.