Happy Birthday to me

The Love Live! tapestries and drinking glasses I bought last month finally arrived, and what good timing!


The Rinfag from the LL threads was kind enough to not only sell me his Eri and Nozomi glasses, but also pick up two tapestries from AnimeJapan for me as well.


NozoEri forever 100 years.


He also threw in some extra WR stickers for Eri, Umi and Nozomi, along with a nice drawing on some Aikatsu stationary! Really awesome surprise!


The Nozomi A2 tapestry.


And the matching Nico A2 tapestry. I was tempted to buy Eri's, but I only had enough money for 2, and the matching illustrations proved too tempting. I really do like NozoNico.


Anyway, I'm really grateful that he was kind enough to actually get all this for me, as it's practically impossible to get a lot of this stuff unless you actually live in Japan. So, here's to you, Rinfag!