Shirobako Episode 16

This has got to be my favorite episode of the show thus far. A lot of the issues the characters run into are painfully relatable, things like receiving vague feedback and being uncertain as to which direction you should take. It's handled in such a way as to now only present the problem, but also a solution, which I really appreciate.


I really felt for Iguchi this episode. Seeing an otherwise cheerful character slowly falling apart like she did, while trying to maintain composure for the sake of the studio really hurt. It's not that much of a stretch for someone to break down like that, given the circumstance. If anything, I was surprised she held herself together so well. You put a lot of yourself into the work you create, so to be told it's not good enough can be quite devastating.


Also, lifting the curtain on Goth-Loli-sama's past and seeing her undergo a similar experience really hit home for me. It's like Iguchi said, it's relieving to hear someone who you look up to/respect has actually gone through a relatable situation, not because you wish any misfortune on them, but so you can understand that it happens to even the best of us. I have a much greater appreciation for her character after this episode, and it was nice to see her take charge and lead the group in a more positive direction.


All's well that ends well, as they say. I'm really rooting for them to do well. Don don donuts!


To quote an anon on Shirobako: