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In defense of Honoka

The following is actually taken from a little rant I wrote on /a/'s Love Live thread. I didn't start the thread this time, but there was some really nice discussions taking place, so it was very enjoyable. The reason I'm sharing this is be…

dreams = realized

I never knew it would be possible, but to draw NozoEri with 小使さん, the artist that made that pairing my favorite... words can't even describe it. This image will have to suffice. I hope I can meet them again sometime. It was very fun!


Was busy cleaning my desk when I saw that 小使さん was pixivchatting, so I joined the guest seat to watch him draw. If you don't know who 小使さん is, he's a really cool artist/animator who made the NozoEri Garden of Glass MAD, which you c…