I'm not dead... yet


I think I've recovered from my sickness, but stomach pains still plague me. Been feeling the temptation once again to get Fire Emblem: Awakening, but it's not like I have any time for that, between picking weeds in Animal Crossing and feeding in Dota 2.


Speaking of Dota 2, this is what snowballing looks like:


Dat GPM. On a more serious note, these games are generally not that fun, both for the winners and the losers. Stomping someone isn't actually that enjoyable, nor is being stomped.


This, however, is what a close game looks like:


I think we had the upper hand for a large part of the early game, but as they do, the Alchemist started to get really fat. We lost one teamfight near the end of the game which cost us our last 2 lanes of rax resulting in megacreeps. Revived just in time to protect the throne, do a reverse wipe and all mid throne it. I've found it's pretty common in pubs that people will try to megacreep the enemy instead of going straight for throne. Not that there's always one option better than the other, but in this case, had they just gone straight for the throne they'd have won. Still, it was an enjoyable game, and the first time I've played a Dota 2 match where both teams end up with megacreeps.


Also, my regular Space Bros update.


70 episodes in, and still so good. Mutta has honestly got to be my favorite male character in Anime.