Kotori scribble

Was just testing out livestream. I wanted to use Twitch.tv since I heard that it just had a less taxing streaming set-up but turns out my computer is actually a potato, so it's back to livestream for meeee.


Anyway, I'm still not sorted on the time that I'll be streaming, but regardless of when it happens it'll almost certainly just be a stream with music (aka no mic). Sorry if that makes it boring, but it just lets me focus on practicing/drawing, not to mention I'm not expecting anyone to actually tune in since I won't be linking it on my dA or announcing it on twitter.


I will however still be recording sessions, if anyone is curious to skim through after and see what I was doing. It's still early days and I'm expecting things to shift as I figure it out, just need to get back into the groove of things. Anyway, here's the recording from the livestream, I might try testing a 720p stream tomorrow to check if my computer can handle it.