CK Merry 3d draft

Sorry for the lack of stream this morning, I started feeling pretty sick last night and it only got worse in the morning. The downside to morning streams is that I can't really get up and make an announcement if I'm unable to make it, so a better rule to follow would be, if it doesn't start at 8pm GMT exactly, it's probably not starting, since I make a point to be punctual about maintaining a regular start.


Model is just over 7k quads, got a lot I could improve on the texturing but the topology is all set, so I can just chip away on improving the textures in future.


In other news, this years Pop Danthology has been released! I haven't actually heard 90% of the songs he used in this mix, but it's always pretty cool seeing (or in this case, hearing) a compilation of a year's worth of music hits.