HTML5 drawtooltest

Just an update on the HTML5 drawing tool since we managed to test it a little bit just now.


Currently it's in a usable state, though I would say it's not quite ready for more "public" testing since a lot of the features are still unrefined and need work to become more streamlined.


The current list of features are honestly quite impressive to me, and not something I would expect from a browser-based drawing tool, especially when it's free of plug-ins like Java or Flash.

  • 3 layers (which can be rearranged in their order, or hidden)
  • Dynamic colour wheel (Will appear where your cursor is when you hold Q)
  • Undo (ctrl+Z) function
  • Free zoom (you can drag/scroll to zoom, as opposed to clicking a + or - button)
  • Dynamic brush size change (hold button and move mouse to adjust brush size)
  • Canvas rotation (can be reset by double tapping D)
  • Canvas horizontal flip
  • Panning outside of the canvas (this may not seem like a big deal, but if you've ever tried drawing right to the edge of your screen you'll know what I mean when I say it's annoying as hell)
  • Colour swatches

Along with that it has all the standard functions you'd expect with an online drawing tool, such as colour picking, eraser, saving the image and chat.


There's still a few bugs that can be pretty gamebreaking, but I think once those are resolved and the core functions get nailed down properly it will be an impressive, and very useful tool.