Cat Wheel

So that tiny game I mentioned awhile ago has finally been released, under the oh-so-original title "Cat Wheel". It's available for free on both Android and iTunes app stores, so feel free to give it a play.


[Android Download] [iTunes Download]

If anyone is confused as to the goal of the game, it's simply to match the colour of the hand to one of the four cats making the wheel. You have 1 minute to try and make as many matches as possible, with every match getting you 1 point.

After multiple attempts my high score sits at 70, I can't seem to beat that score.


So yeah, it's a very small (and pointless) game, but it was a lot of fun to make and provided a good break from some of the larger projects that we're still currently working on, of which there are a few.


Here's a little peek and the next small game that we're working on. It's about tomatos, if you're into that.