Etude 88

So I've figured out the plan for Etude, and while it may not be the best plan, it's the one I'm working with.


Simply put, I'll be using the stream time to focus on drawing some more interesting or fun pictures, ones that feature a small scenario or situation, or multiple people interacting etc. My reasons for doing this are the same as I covered in the stream yesterday, but for those of you who weren't there I'll say it was mostly to do with the idea that I don't want to just be an illustrator who draws pretty pictures (not saying that's bad or anything), I'd like to have a wider range on the things I draw, be they some silly, funny image, or just something a bit more interesting, with less focus on simply trying to be "beautiful".


I went over some examples of artists who I feel meet this criteria on yesterday's stream, such as ホパン and 着信なし殿, who draw these really interesting and fun pictures, where the focus isn't solely on looking beautiful. This doesn't mean I won't be doing illustrations, or female characters posing to look pretty, it's just that I do that enough already. Etude should be about practicing in an area you want to improve in, not the area you're currently comfortable in.


I'll also be including short notes at the end of every Etude post highlighting some thoughts from the session, such as things I had difficulty with, things to improve and what went well.


  • Better line economy (sketches are too messy, wasting lines)
  • Practice hands (struggled too much with the hand holding the pot)


Anyway, that's it for now. I realize that the bar isn't set too high, but hopefully this is something I'll grow into as I get more accustomed to it. As always, I'll be trying to streamline the format/schedule as I progress through it so that it more closely matches what my goals and direction are, and we'll see where that takes me!