Etude 90

Super interesting stream today! An old viewer back from the BFLAT days, Kayne, dropped in to catch me up on what he'd been up to. Second year of animation school already! I'm pretty jealous, being in that kind of learning environment is something I've really come to appreciate.


Also, in a strange coincidence, the only two Singaporians in the stream happen to not only have been to the same school, but graduated in the same year! What are the odds... All in all, though, had some really interesting discussions with the chat, and it was a lot of fun!


  • Too slow (took too long to set the image up, even though it made the lining stage much faster, still need to work on improving how I approach a picture so as not to waste too much time like I did for this one)
  • User more landmarks (don't let parts of the drawing just float off on their own, make sure the key points are planned out in advance)