Global Game Jam 2015


Our silly little game from GGJ2015. It doesn't make much sense, and is pretty confusing to play. But I got to model a maid, so that was nice.


Download link:



- Arrow keys to move.

- Once you touch a ghost, it will posses you and start moving on an axis (red ghosts will move you left/rigt, blue ghosts will move you up/down).

- You can fight the ghosts by moving in the opposite direction is it trying to move you.

- Red flames won't kill you if your hair is red. Blue flames won't kill you if your hair is blue.

- Sorry in advance for how frustrating this game is to play.



- Amigo (programmer)

- Jason (particles & level assets)

- Pascal (maid & level design)


Some WIP stuff:


A floorplan for one of the levels:


The maid ref sheet:


Maid model. She had other animations but there was no time to implement the ideas.


Overall it was a great experience. We got to meet up with a lot of other game developers/enthusiasts, have a blast creating stuff over the weekend, and learn a lot from the experience.


If you are at all interested in game development and have a game jam in an area near you, I'd highly recommend checking it out. They're not only incredibly fun, but a great chance to meet other people and learn some valuable lessons!