Favorite OP of the new season goes to...

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo! Really loved the visuals, and the music is very nice.







Not sure I'll actually keep up with the anime since I've read the manga, but I could listen to this OP all day.


In unrelated news, after 4 days, I've mostly recovered from my sickness. Never before have I felt so lethargic, feeling completely incabable of doing anything that required any amount of effort. I actually tried to be productive and get work done during the day, but not only was my body behaving as though it'd just run a marathon, but my eyes could barely even focus on my screens.


It was at the point where I couldn't even watch any anime, as the motion + loud noises was overwhelming. Kiniro Mosaic was my only saving grace, and I think I can finally appreciate why they're called "healing" anime, as it was the only show I was able to watch when I was bedridden.


Thanks Dango & Dude for the well-wishes, I laughed at the Nozaki edit!


I'm still not exactly 100%, but I'm feeling much better, so things are looking up!