Birthday Kaede!

A big thank you to Pokke, who to my surprise sent me this birthday present today!


I was blown away when I saw it, that level of detail, along with those colours were really amazing. Like with last year, it made me reflect on the people I've been fortunate enough to meet and talk to, and the impact they've had on me.


At the risk of sounding cliche, I do really believe it's an incredible thing. To realize that someone across the world spent so much of their own time and energy to make you something this beautiful, just to celebrate your birthday. It's not something I take for granted, and I really appreciate it.


The most curious thing however, was that seeing his illustration of Kaede, and how great it looked, made me question why I hadn't drawn her at all lately. So I wanted to sketch out something as thanks. I'll be sure to return the favor for you, Pokke.


So here's to you, Pokke. Thank you so very much, you made my day!


One last thing, my friends bought me tickets to Chromacon (an art event & summit) for my birthday, so I'll be out of town until Sunday attending it. Very excited to meet my favorite Chinese artist, Benjamin! I seriously have no idea how they keep bringing such talented artists down to our tiny country, but I'm glad they manage to do it somehow.