I promised to make a post about commissions by the end of this month. Here it is. I really don't want to do commissions right now.


I'd planned for a long post about commissions, pricing and that type of stuff when I realized that right now I'm in a good place with drawing, and the last thing I want to do is draw for other people. This doesn't mean I'm ruling them out forever, but for the time being it's not something I care much for.


I understand there may be a few people who do want to commission me, and I will be sure to have a more in-depth post in the near(far?) future to cover the topic. For now all I will say is, my prices will begin at $100 and upwards. If that sounds too steep for you, that's fine. I strongly recommend looking around dA/tumblr, as there are many talented artists who take commissions regularly on both those sites.


Either way, it doesn't matter too much right now since I don't think I'll be taking any commissions for the time being.


Thanks for reading.