Loot Thread

It dawned on me that I still hadn't posted anything about my visit to Japan last year for Tokyo Game Show 2015. I'm honestly not the type to take too many photos when I'm having fun, so I figured I'd instead show the things I bought while I was there (as well as some extras that were sent to me by friends after C89). This isn't everything I bought, but it's about 90% of it.



  • Himura Kiseki's C87, C88 doujins and C89 set.
  • Shirabii's C88 and C89 doujins + omakes.
  • nonco's C88 doujin and C89 set.
  • Love Live! The School Idol Movie BD.
  • Movie film strip from watching it in Japan (I got loli Honoka).
  • Nozomi Omamori gifted to me by Dai-san.
  • Kantoku's C88 doujin set.
  • Noizi Ito's C88 doujin set (I managed to get her to sign it for me when she visited New Zealand last year as well! Lucky~)

Many thanks to Tipsy and Scott for doing runs for me at C89, I wouldn't have been able to get Himura or nonco's sets if they hadn't.


Pictured: Hana Kagume's C89 and C88 doujins. I really love these books, inside is just a collection of Saki characters wearing the various school outfits that you can find in Japan based on region.



  • Tactics Ogre Art Works
  • Granblue Fantasy Graphic Archive
  • Bravely Second Design Works
  • Bravely Default Design Works

It's no secret to my friends that I'm a huge fan of Yoshida Akihiko (Character designer for various Final Fantasy titles, as well as Tactics Ogre, the Bravely series, Little Noah and most recently Neir: Automata) so I took this chance to swipe up as much of his work as I could find. It was very interesting for me to see his progression from his earlier work on Tactics Ogre to his more recent designs in Bravely Default and Little Noah. Personally, though, my favorite from these 4 was the Granblue Fantasy artbook, I've been flipping through it so often since picking it up. I highly reccomend it.


It also helps that I was able to watch them design/draw new characters live at Tokyo Game Show 2015, which gave me a new-found appreciation for just how incredible their work was.


Pictured: SHIROBAKO Setting Material Collection Set. This was definitely one of my favorite pick ups from my last visit to Japan. The main book is over 400 pages of packed content (they even have sections for Exodus and Third Aerial Girls Squad!), but my favorite part had to be the genga frames from the bottom two pictured collections. I also thought the framed photograph of the photo from the final episode was a great touch.


Pictured: Nagi no Asukara Settei Shiryoushuu. This was my white whale for my trip to Japan. NagiAsu has to be one of the most visually beautiful anime I've ever watched, not to mention that it's just flat-out of of my favorite shows of all time. This collection was unbelievably hard to find, and as you can tell by the fact that I've kept it sealed, it's definitely the most precious thing I bought from Japan. The top two books are filled with genga frames from the show, one for the female characters and another for the male. The main book is again filled with over 400 pages of character designs, clean paintings of all (and I do mean ALL) the backgrounds from the show and interviews with the staff and seiyuu.

You can take a look at some of the contents in this video:

It ended up costing me $350 to buy this collection, that's how rare it was...


Oh, and I bought this 1/4 figure of Pochaco. She was so fat I needed an entire luggage case just to bring her box back with me ww.


Lastly, before I finish this post, I did meet up with ゆにさん while I was in Japan, and we managed to block out some time to draw in each other's sketchbooks. It's definitely one of my favorite memories from Japan, and I hope we'll be able to meet again next time I visit!