Scribbles and other things.


f:id:cosmiclatte:20170228213010j:plainAlso made a small GuP game with a friend for this year's Global Game Jam. You can check it out here: [Download]


Been watching Kemono Friends with some friends for the past few weeks, pretty enjoyable. Was kinda amusing when you check the credits and see they only have 5 animators total working on each episode.


Been on a bit of a Love Live binge again recently, thanks to their 1st Live event that took place recently.


These were for a Flower Stand that the foreign Love Live community raised money to buy for Aqours 1st Live. I picked to draw Dia and Riko because they're my favorites.




That's all for now! Sorry for not updating the blog more frequently, I always say I'll post more but I end up not keeping it up for long. I kinda wanna go back to more casual posting where I'd actually write more, instead of just dropping pictures but I'm not sure how long I'd keep that going for.

I'm having a lot of fun drawing right now though, so I'm happy about that!