Been scribbling a bunch lately but nothing really stuck so here's a Saki doodle.


Also, it's been awhile but here's some photos from my trip to Japan:

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222127j:plainDay 1 of our ride, we decided to take a photo at Lake Biwa.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222137j:plainMy Cannondale Synapse with all my luggage packed into the 14L saddle bag on the back.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222247j:plainDay 2, we were headed from Nagoya to Hamamatsu. We stopped to take a few photos in this field because the scenery was quite beautiful in the sunset.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207225749j:plainDay 3, headed for Shizuoka. We could finally see Fuji for the first time.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222257j:plainDay 4, we somehow ended up taking a wrong turn somewhere and had to walk along a long, rocky beach.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222224j:plainFuji in the distance. It was really encouraging actually seeing Fuji get closer as we rode.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207223354j:plainBy the time we arrived at our Ryokan it was already night time. We were all pretty exhausted from the climb up Mt Hakone, so the fact they had dinner waiting for us when we arrived was a godsend. After the meal we went to have a long soak in the Onsen, which felt unbelievably good after such a long and cold ride.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207230005j:plainThe next day we headed across Lake Ashi, and were fortunate to have really great weather. Despite how pleasant it looked however, it was still Winter, and the winds as we crossed the lake were quite cold indeed. My friend who had opted to wear simply a t-shirt stubbornly refused to head down to the sheltered section of the ship as we sailed across, and decided to stay at the top and freeze. It was quite funny.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222511j:plainSpent the day wandering around Hakone, was really beautiful. There's something about train tracks that I really love.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222402j:plainAfter 560km we finally arrived in Tokyo. We rode into Odaiba just so we could take a photo at the Unicorn.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222436j:plainAnd then Comiket 93 began.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222444j:plainWe actually ended up riding our bikes to Comiket too, it was really fun, though our bags were heavy from all the doujin we bought.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207232110j:plainThey were having a Blend S exhibition.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207232146j:plainSo naturally I had to take a photo of this cute girl.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207232449j:plainWe also visited the Girls und Panzer Cafe in Akihabara.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207231445j:plainThey had a whiteboard for guests to draw on. I decided to draw Andou since Das Finale was just airing. If you look at the top left of the board, you'll actually see that Katsurai Yoshiaka left a drawing there, meaning he must have been there the session just before mine, since they clear the board at the end of each day. Really neat.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20180207222913j:plainNo trip would be complete without a visit to the Meiji Shrine on New Years. Honestly, looking back we were incredibly fortunate to have had amazing weather for almost the entire duration of our trip.