Finishing off an old drawing from a stream awhile back...


@Linx It's not pushy at all! I actually didn't even see your tweet due to my feed getting flooded, so I'm grateful you thought to link it. I left a comment on twitter but I want to just gush a bit more here. I was laughing with a friend about how you actually ended up pairing the characters together, I didn't realize how well they fit. I honestly really love how warm your artwork feels, especially how you use traditional media which gives it a more textural quality.

@Kevinfu Yeah, I generally only include a twitter handle in the 4koma I made, since those generally have a title in the strip itself so the little twitter at the bottom feels like it balances it out hahah.

@Xeni, Asaeia & SunCat Thank you for what you wrote! It's comments like yours which really give me encouragement to keep making stuff. I think personally I'm really not confident in a lot of the things I do, so just knowing it's adding something positive, however small, to your lives is th greatest motivation to me.

And lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to Linx, Xeni and Edeni for your Birthday presents you made for me. I don't really try and mention my Birthday anymore these days, but to still get such beautiful drawings from you really touched me, and I'm really grateful to have people like you in my life. I know it's not much, but I wanted to just give a quick scribble in return, thanks for everything.