@Kevin Nice! I totally binged Haikyuu too, hahah. I loved episode 16 in particular for season 1. Just seeing the other side of team sports where people deal with losing. It's a pretty important aspect that I feel often gets overlooked, but I always love when it's depicted so genuinely. Season 2 is incredible, especially because I love Aoba Johsai as a team. Speaking of, who were your favorite characters? Would be interested to hear which ones you liked the most! My personal favorites were Oikawa, Kenma and Kuro but I really loved all of them.


As to your question, edeni is correct in that the show I mentioned was called Hakumei to Mikochi. I watched it in the evenings with a friend and it was just an incredibly warm and comfy anime, loved every second of it. No joke though make sure you have some food near you when you watch it, because there are a lot of scenes that feature food. I got so hungry watching it that by episode 4 I made sure to have a bowl of something hot to eat while I watched.