No drawing today sorry. Will resume regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, but I have to keep this chain alive. At least make it to double digits PLEASE.


@SunCat I feel you on the waiting for updates... it's the reason I often just read manga in cycles rather than chapter by chapter. I'll end up forgetting for a few months then reading it from the beginning again when I pick it back up.


Yuka is a great character, but what surprised me was the fact the main character was so enjoyable to follow. Just watching his determination and progress was something I really appreciated. The story and characters feel so authentically written. There's a lot of parts I wanted to write about but I ended up just recommending it to some friends and gushing to them instead.


A part that really resonated with me personally was when Yaguchi mentioned how scary it was to admit what you liked. I think art can be an incredibly honest take on your view of the world, and because it's so personal it can also feel like you're exposing your thoughts for other people to tear apart.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20190620235238j:plainIt's something I think about a lot, I want to be truthful but I'm also scared that people will reject the things you hold dear. A big part of what makes (in my mind) a great artist is having some belief you're willing to express, and the confidence to do so. I still feel in many ways I'm too timid, or concerned with what people may think to be truly honest, but maybe someday I'll get there. There's so much I want to write about my thoughts on the manga, but I don't have the time tonight for it. I do really want to thank you for suggesting it to me though, it's been on my mind a lot since reading it.


@edeni Yeah I considered it, but I just didn't feel like it suited my idea for the stream. I didn't really want to stifle the viewer experience by putting the canvas on a curved display in 3D space. Just something more low key to keep in the corner and watch is enough for me. With that said, all you really need is a 3d model and you can import it into VDraw, the tool will do the rest.


@Kevinfu pls no bully oikawa.


Also here's my song for the day. I was listening to a lot of classic piano pieces while reading Blue Period.