Back to one... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


@SunCat I have written a few drafts that I considered posting on the blog before, but eventually I begin overthinking it all and not posting them hahah... I think maybe I'd be better off just writing off the top of my head, even if it meant the thoughts were less concise. Maybe just post random thoughts and organize it later down the line, who knows, it might work out better.

I hope you have managed to find that creative outlet, but even if you haven't I think the things stopping you happen to all of us. I suppose that doesn't seem too encouraging but I find it helps for me personally to know that my experiences arent something that's unique to me alone.

I'll check out that manga you recommended, especially given how much I enjoyed the last one! It's always nice to read about a topic you're more knowledgable in, helps give you a better appreciation for it.


@Flo I now feel bad for not keeping up the daily posting right after you complimented me on it. RIP.


@Naemi Hoi hoi Naemi, I'm a bit mentally drained by other than that I'm doing well, thanks!

In a lot of ways drawing is sorta stress relief to me, so I don't mind drawing often. If i'm drawing a lot that's typically a good sign hahaha. With that said, I agree that it's important to step back and take a break every so often, burn out is real.

I'm surprised to hear you got suspended for saying that. I wasn't aware twitter took a stance on such things. Is being suspended the same as being banned, or is there a duration it lasts for? I'm sort of curious now what twitter's guidelines are for suspension.

Congrats on the internship! That's really exciting news, I'm super happy for you. It's good to hear that you're enjoying it despite how busy it must be, that's a great sign you're in the right field.

Anyway, thanks for the message, it's always nice to read some good news from people I know! Keep up the good work and stay busy! I hope to see your name in the credits of a game someday, hahah!