@Naemi Oh hahah I did read about that Lily image stirring up some controversy, there was some tweet showing it appearing in the british parliament I remember.

I try and stay out of most things and just keep to myself, but I do feel as more time passes sitting on the side doesn't quite sit right with me. Eventually you'll reach a point where you need to make a choice, or else your lack of action will end up enabling people to do harm. I'm still not quite sure where the line is, but I figure so long as I continue to try and be a kinder, more understanding person I'll figure it out eventually.

As for your internship, it's probably a good thing it's not at a AAA developer! There are a lot of notoriously exploitative studios out there, and seeing what it's like in a smaller development studio will help you understand how each role relates to others. I wish you the best in your journey, I'm sure you'll do well!