everybody's in taiwan


Progress has been slow on the HTML5 drawing tool, because Mr Programmer-san is in Taiwan for Chinese New Year. The other artist also left for Taiwan today, leaving me here...


Anyway, we did a small test of the tool, there's still a lot that needs to be refined, hopefully he can get around to making the changes once he's back from his GLORIOUS HOLIDAY. I'll just be sitting here, watching anime, wondering where it all went so wrong.


Speaking of anime, I havent gotten around to watching all the first episodes of the new season, but what I have seen so far has been pretty good. Of all the shows that stood out to me though, Noragami had to be the biggest surprise. This show is good. Really damn good.


The two main characters (pictured above) are really fun to watch, and Iki's personality is pretty far removed from any female character I've seen in awhile. She's not incapable of thinking and protecting herself, but she's also not all macho, and still has feminine traits, and I can really respect that. I feel like a lot of people who want to write a "strong" female just end up writing a female that acts like a guy.


Anyway, their interaction is really interesting to watch. Yato really reminds me of Morita-senpai (from Honey & Clover) for some reason. Also, Iki is really cute. I think it's how she acts. It's really cute. Really.


You know what else is really cute? Takao.