Inazuma Eleven

I'm a few years late to the party, but holy shit why did nobody tell me how good this show was? I'm only on episode 2, but damn, what a show.


It's like if somebody took Shaolin Soccer and turned it into an anime. This is so much more badass than I imagined. It kind of reminds me of an anime I watched when I was really young, called Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! It has some really nice character designs, too.


I particularly like this dude, Max (on the left)


and this dude(?), Kazemaru. Super bro. Took a soccer ball to the face to protect Endou. I swear Max looks like he came straight out of Animal Crossing. Oh, and the opening is awesome.

I understand the series itself started as a game on the Nintendo DS, and since it has a re-release on the 3DS I've been considering getting it. In fact, it was my interest in the game that made me watch the anime. Ahh... my poor wallet...