I was very happy and surprised to see たらちねさん draw this birthday present for me!


Was totally unexpected, and incredibly nice of her, thank you very much! I'll have to draw something in return, but what to draw?


Anyway, this present got me thinking about all the kind people I met through pixivchat, and what it's meant to me. So what better way to reminisce than make a list? I've met many kind artists on pixivchat (in fact, I don't think I've ever met a rude person there) but below are the artists who had the biggest impact on my experience so far.




The first artist I got to know on pixivchat, れたすさん was my introduction to how nice Japanese artists can be, not only writing to me in English when he wanted to talk, but also helping me learn some Hiragana. When it comes to loving Youmu, he's second to none.




Definitely one of the kindest artists I met through pixivchat, I think ゆにさん was the artist I spent the most time drawing together with on pixivchat. I thought I'd never draw with him again once I started exclusively drawing Love Live, but it turned out he's a Love Live fan too! Which was great because we did end up meeting once more and drawing together, it's the most fun I've had!




If you've followed me since BFLAT, you'll know just how estatic (and surprised) I was to see みりのさん on pixivchat, as I had just recently bought his Youmu doujin from Comiket 82. Not only is he a great artist, but he's a great person, and I thoroughly enjoyed drawing together with him.




Unlike everyone else on this list, I've never really had the chance to draw "with" 九千ビノレさん, the most I've done is draw in the same room and just try put my picture beside his hahah. That being said, he's definitely one of the more sociable artists I've met and will talk to you, which is really nice. I hope one day I'll actually get to draw with him.




It wasn't all that long ago where I was making a post gushing with excitement at the chance to draw with 小使さん, but him and all the other Korean artists in that room were so incredibly kind and welcoming it's impossible to think of them anything other than great people, which they are!




I guess that leaves たらちねさん, last but certainly not least. Out of every artist I've met on pixivchat I don't think anyone has come close to rivaling the sheer amount of times we've drawn together. She's probably the artist that's made the most effort to communicate, is always helpful and kind, and any pixivchat becomes much more enjoyable in her presence.



I'm really glad, grateful and lucky to have met so many wonderful artists in my short time on pixivchat, I can only hope to continue meeting more such people in future, because they've made my entire drawing experience that much better.


Even though I know none of them will actually read this, I would like to extend a sincere thank you, your kindness has meant the world to me.