Character Design

Commission work I done recently. The guy never ended up paying me the last 2/3rds of the payment we agreed on, so I'm just putting it here since I'm quite proud of the result.




Speaking of commissions, I know multiple people have been messaging me asking about my availability for them, and I've been meaning to get around to making a post about it. After my dealings with this particular customer however, I feel I need to re-evaluate my approach to commission work in general.


I've generally had a really great experience with clients, and have been fortunate enough in all my dealings to have been working for very kind, and thoughtful people. Ultimately I think I took that for granted, and had nothing in place for if I were to deal with someone who did not share the same sense of respect and courtesy as what I'm used to.


I will still be making a post concerning commissions in future, but I think it will be more of an opinion piece, rather than a price breakdown. I think for now, though, I would just like to get back to drawing things I enjoy (and streaming). I miss you guys, hahah.