Be still, my beating heart

That hair-lift. That pure smile. That background lighting. Is this what it's like to fall in love?


We're only 5 episodes in, but I think I'm nearly ready to call this the greatest show Kyoani has ever made. Yes, moreso even than Hyouka of FMP:TSR. Ultimately it remainds to be seen if the rest of the series stays as strong as the beginning has been, but so far all five episodes have been nothing short of incredible. Even Hyouka took some time to really get going (once they hit the school festival arc).


Everything from the voice acting, to the animation and pacing of the show has been masterfully handled. The dialogue is well-written and each character feels well-considered and likeable. Honestly, I'm in awe of how great this show has been so far. If you're not already watching this, then you're missing out.