more pixivchat

Another pixivchat. I accidentally wiped the entire board at the end... I was trying to figure out how to close the session and I ended up clearing the entire picture. Luckily, I saved the finished drawing, but I didn't manage to send a copy to ゆにさん... 御免なさい! I uploaded the full .png here: [Link]


Umi & Nico: 樹色

Maki: naw

Nozomi & Hanayo (rice bowl www): たらちね

Honoka & Rin: ゆに

Eri: Pas

ありがとうみんな for drawing together! It was fun!

On another note, I'm still terrible at drawing frills, or doing any fancy colouring or detail. It doesn't even feel like I'm drawing with the same tools as たらちねさん... I've been trying out some different methods of colouring on pixivchat but I just can't get it right. I think I was trying too hard this time and it ended up going backwards, should probably just keep it simple next time.


Ahh I still feel bad about clearing the board...