Was busy cleaning my desk when I saw that 小使さん was pixivchatting, so I joined the guest seat to watch him draw. If you don't know who 小使さん is, he's a really cool artist/animator who made the NozoEri Garden of Glass MAD, which you can see here:

Or you can view the Japanese version on nico, here: 

【ラブライブ!】硝子の花園【手描きMAD】 ‐ ニコニコ動画:GINZA

That MAD is actually the reason why NozoEri is my favorite pairing in Love Live! I really love it!


Anyway, they invited me to join them and draw, in English!! I knew Koreans are cool, but their english is actually incredibly good! They also talk a lot more than the Japanese artists, I guess because they're more open to foreigners. They were very friendly and kind, often typing full sentences out in english to speak to me. It was really nice.


There were too many artists that I couldn't attribute who drew what exactly, especially since I joined so late, so I'll list every artist below:

小使, DB, 시나마후유, ピンザクィ, ikirumitai, Katsura, エリーチカちっかちっかち~ 

Really great people, all of them!