New setup

So I recently ordered a Razer Orbweaver.


Despite the fact it's intended as a gaming keypad, I'm intending to use it to help with drawing/modeling in a more ergonomic setup.


It's been a concern of mine for awhile now, and I've looked into alternatives to a keyboard prior to this. What tipped me over the edge into getting something was the realization that with the amount of time I spend on the computer drawing/working there's a very real possibility that I'll develop carpal tunnel somewhere down the line. If this is something that's crossed your mind too, you can get some more info from the following videos:

Anyway, I see this as a sort of investment, in both money and time. The time mostly in learning how to work with the keypad, as I'm having to un-learn a lot of muscle memory that came so naturally with my keyboard, and try apply it to using the Orbweaver efficiently. So far I've found a reasonable configuration that allows me to do all the functions I need.


It'll probably take me a few more weeks to truly get used to it, but I'm hoping when I do that I'll be better off in the long run. Only time will tell. I'll probably make a follow-up post with my hotkey setup in future. Re-binding keys and functions really makes you realize just how many keys you're using when you draw, and how important their placement is to your general drawing "flow".