pixivchat, finally!

I kept missing all the pixivchats, so this time I just made a room because I couldn't take another week with no pixivchat. It's been a stressful week, so what better way to relax than to draw Love Live! ヽ(≧ω≦)ノ


Didn't finish this Honoka because I started drawing beside 士嬢マコ(・c_・ )


Nozomi: 士嬢マコ(・c_・ ) Eri: Pas Nico たらちね

Afterwards, since it was still early I wanted to try do a larger collaboration but didn't know how to ask, so, like an idiot, I drew this hoping someone would understand:


Amazingly, they understood. I really need to properly learn Japanese so I can speak properly without being rude. たらちねさん very kindly helped set everything up, from what PV costume to draw, and the position of the characters. ありがとうございました!


Umi: k2 Kayo-chin bowl wwww: たらちね Honoka: たらちね

Nico: 士嬢マコ(・c_・ ) Kotori: 黒ゥ Maki: くれ(∩ˇ8ˇ ∩)りて

Rin: こにゃ Nozomi: Pas Eri: 麻枝一樹


The Kayo-chin bowl is the best part of this entire picture haha! I really enjoy these larger collaborations, it's a lot of fun to draw with other artists like this. Maybe someday I can meet them in person, if I can make it to the 5th Live in January 2015. Wonder how hard it'll be to get tickets as a foreigner.


Also, because I'm an idiot, when I saw everybody starting to write "Wonderful Rush" in Katakana, I assumed it was spelt "ワンダフルラシ" so I just wrote a "!" in my speech bubble. Turns out that's not how it's spelt, and たらちねさん helped me write it in the end. Please forgive my stupidity.