Episode 11

You did it, Sunrise. You broke my heart.


I knew it was coming... it was so strongly foreshadowed... it didn't make it any easier to watch...


It's been on my mind over the course of the entire season, even before it aired. How would they handle the 3rd years graduating? What is the future of μ's? I kept wondering if there was a way around it, maybe have the 3rd years form an idol group in college, or drop in to give advice. The talk between Honoka, Arisa and Yukiho pretty much confirmed my worst fears. μ's is, and can only be the 9 members that currently make it. Of course, I knew deep down this had to be it, and honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way. μ's is special precisely because it couldn't be any other formation of characters. Without a single one of the members, it wouldn't be μ's anymore. Still, it really hurt seeing them break into tears when they arrived at their decision ;_;




With only 2 episodes left, I think I can finally see how everything is going to end. They have to win Love Live, and establish that them together as 9 made the strongest school idol group in history. Which leaves the last episode... graduation. I really don't think I'm emotionally prepared to deal with it ;_;



The music for this episode was honestly incredible. In fact, the OST for the show (both seasons 1 and 2) have been truly outstanding. Next episode titled "Last Live", so there will be one last performance ;_;


I think I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep now...