ETUDE 76: 始まるよ

Here we go again. After over a year, I'll be resuming Etude right where it left off, week day at 8am GMT.



I didn't make an announcement post because it's still in the trial period, where I'm hoping to iron out the details of what I'll be practicing, and for how long etc. I just wanted to start streaming today, because I didn't want to become one of those people who keeps saying they'll do something only to delay it indefinitely.


Right now the core topics I want to cover/practice would be:

  • Anatomy (Again, I feel I need to get a deeper understanding of the muscle groups, which will help me with other aspects such as lighting and form)
  • Posing and Interaction (Of all my weak points, this is probably the one I want to improve the most)
  • Lighting and Form (Probably just black and white practice to begin with, getting a stronger sense of lighting and tone range)
  • Backgrounds (I sort of touched on this towards the final leg of Etude previously, but I never really gave it a proper schedule)
  • Composition (Something I didn't really touch on at all in previous Etude sessions, with this I'd essentially want to get better framing and composition in scenes)

Of course, there are many more topics that I want to (and feel I need to) cover, and right now I'm not even sure if I want daily rotation of topics, or switch every week. Which is why I don't intend on making a proper post until I've streamed for at least a week, after which maybe I can have a moment to reflect on how it's going.


Until then, just like before, I'll be streaming every week day at 8am GMT for 2-3 hours. If you would like to join me and practice along, that'd be great! If not, I'll be recording the sessions for future use, though Picarto doesn't host recordings of streams (unlike Twitch and Livestream) so they might not be available outside of the stream. Not that you'd really be missing out on anything, hahah.