PasBot v1.1

With the help of Hiraku the bot has finally undergone some significant upgrades, so it's slightly less retarded than it was on Saturday.

Patch notes:

  • Fixed the roll command (You can now !roll <number> and it will roll from 0 to that <number>
  • Added !colour prompt (Selects your colour of the day)
  • Added !jankenpon prompt (Throws a Rock, Paper or Scissors)
  • Added !rec prompt (Will recommend you an anime series)
  • Added !ask prompt (Essentially behaves like a Magic 8-Ball, just !ask <question>)
  • Added !waifu prompt (Draws from a pool of lovely 2D animu grills)
  • Added !hentai prompt (Rates your level of pervertedness)
  • Added !who prompt (Assigns you a role)
  • Added !omikuji prompt (You will recieve your blessing fortune)
  • Removed numerous single-response prompts (!kongou, !tipsynaruto, !dango, !pasbot, and all link prompts remain, the rest have been removed to prevent PasBot from going full retard)
  • Both the !kancolle and !lovelive prompts remain, but have been modified so they will now pair two characters from the series together.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20160321225207p:plainArt courtesy of tippy.

This is more progress than I was expecting to make, largely due to Hiraku being able to create the scripts to enable it. The next step for me is to start looking into seeing if I can get the bot to draw data from the viewer list itself, and also perhaps other sources, so I could add a !song prompt that would inform the chat what music was currently playing.


Of course, I don't plan on adding these things quickly, as I'm still a complete novice as far as javascript goes, but I'll try and improve the bot slowly over time so it becomes more useful/entertaining.


PasBot-chan is finally starting to grow.