Been thinking how I want to approach these studies, and what would be most helpful. I really find the daily gestures to be incredibly useful, though I feel 30 second gestures are probably the sweet spot for me. Once I'm back into the groove of things I'll probably just do a full page of 30 second gestures daily.


So with the hand studies, I've been doing 2 sets. The first set is 60 second hand studies.


The second set is just general hand studies, with no time limit so I can just observe things a bit more clearly. I think it's been very helpful so far.


Lastly, and I just started this yesterday, but I've been doing a free draw session with no reference, just to practice putting it in action. Obviously the goal of all studies is to be able to bring it into your actual drawings, so I just decided perhaps what would be most helpful is to just implement a free sketch at the end where I can just draw a character making some gesture with their hands. I settled on using sign language, as that was a very clear way using hand gestures. I'll be going through the alphabet one letter per day, and hopefully make adjustments as is needed.


I'm not sure on their hairstyle yet, I just know I wanted something with an undercut. Also, I should probably just stick to one outfit instead of drawing a different outfit each time, as I feel that would probably get too far removed from what I am trying to practice at the moment.