M200 CAME HOME. Managed to get her in 40 contracts, very happy!


Getting grape was much more difficult... ended up spending a total of 180 contracts to get her (I already had her sister strawberry prior to rate-up).


Also collected 2 extra M200's, two more WAs, Lee-Enfield, two IWS and a lot of Springfields... But I'm happy to have gotten the guns I was aiming for. Now it's time to save resources for when AA-12 releases.


Anyway, I've have been too sidetracked with Girls' Frontline and Pokemon recently... gotta get back to drawing the stuff I had planned hahah.


@Kevin To be honest I'm still waiting to see more of the new Pokemon before getting too excited. I always really love the character designs for Pokemon though, really looking foward to seeing the gym leaders.