@Penguin yeah I saw the outfits, though the first two you linked aren't too new right? The second two you linked came out a few days back, I liked the casual outfit quite a lot. I actually did sketch Saki back when the costumes were revealed, but I'm still sorting out how I want to draw it feels like so I didn't end up posting it.


I'm in sort of a strange place artistically right now, in that I'm not really sure what direction I'm headed in, but I know what I want to change. I sort of want to start writing about art again, maybe just post some musings on this blog. It's sort of strange, I want to write about my personal thoughts and feelings, but at the same time I'm really concious about other people seeing it. Writing in general always just helped me get things out from my head and down onto paper. Maybe it'd help with keeping a regular posting schedule too, hahah.


In other news, the new Animal Crossing game was shown a few days ago. I suspected it would be delayed, but I'm really happy that we got an actual release date. Super excited for it to come out, can't wait to see the changes and additions they've made. I personally feel like you're going to be able to travel to multiple islands since you're now able to furnish the outdoor areas. I also hope we'll be able to travel to a more centralized city area to mingle/meet other players and perhaps take a trip to their islands. Aaaahhhh I can't wait to play it, I'm gonna draw my character in all the outfits!


Anyway, here's a song I've been listening to recently: