So it's been a week now, and I think I have a vague plan for how I'm going to structure this, based on what I learnt from attempting it. Streams will be daily at 8pm GMT (Monday to Friday), and last for 1 hour. The goal by the end of the week is ideally to have a short story drawn out, what that story is would change per week.


In terms of daily structure, the first two days would go towards planning/drafting, and the second two would go towards cleaning/defining. The last day would just be reserved for any fixes or changes, as I discovered you end up adding/removing things (and frames) to get a better result. For example, the strip below started out as 4 frames, but I ended up adding more since it felt like it didn't flow too well without the additions.


Translation is pretty much:



"Want some chocolate?"

"Thank yo-"




"It's sweet..."


I want to stress that this is not going to be a continuation of Etude, as much as I enjoyed those streams. It is, however, aimed at practicing the things I feel I'm weakest at. I probably won't end up recording the streams as with Etude, since livestream has a limit on the amount of VODs you can store, and I was getting messages asking me where the old sessions were. I'll be posting the completed strips at the end of every week so anyone who's interested in seeing how they turned out can check it out.


Oh, and to answer your question about the Precure models, mavrick, I found them here: https://birdim.com/3DModels/