And... I thought it'd be a neat idea to draw a character taking suggestions from the chat to decide how they'd look. Somehow we ended up with this...


A character created with the contributions of my stream chat deciding what features/colours to go with. The list is as follows:

  • long/short hair: one side long, the other side short
  • straight/curly hair: straight
  • sharp/soft eyes: soft
  • glasses/no glasses: glasses
  • short/long sleeves: short
  • tight/wide collar: wide
  • large/small chest: small
  • shorts/skirt: skirt
  • long/short skirt: short
  • tights/thigh highs/bare legs: fishnets
  • accessories: hair clip, hair ribbon, ribbon choker, earrings, ear piercings, watch

And yes... if you were wondering, all the colours were picked out by the chat as well. Not sure I'll ever trust my chat's taste in colour again.


On a different topic, I'm really enjoying Bunny Girl Senpai. As of episode 5 I'm certain it's the show I'm enjoying most this season. The character dialogue and interactions are a treat to watch, and while I understand why everybody loves Mai so much, my heart really fell for Koga. She's flawed in many ways, but I found a lot of what she felt to be really relatable. Plus, her voice is super cute.


Lastly, in response to some of the comments left on my previous post.


@edeni the topic of commissions is probably one of the most commonly asked questions I get these days, and all I can say at this point is I'm considering taking maybe just one or two before 2018 ends. I'd prefer to just work on my own projects, so even if I do it wouldn't be cheap, just to give fair warning in advance.


@SavageVanilla thank you for the kind words! I'm the same way in streams, don't worry. I like lurkers, it keeps the stream nice and peaceful. As for a playlist, I mostly just play songs from a local playlist I have, and even then I normally just pick out songs/albums as I stream, since I want the music to match my mood. I can say from memory the OSTs I was playing during that stream were from "Hakumei to Mikochi", "Houseki no Kuni", "Yuru Camp", "Sora Yori", "Girls und Panzer" and "Kokosake". As for the other music, the band I was listening to is called "Kinoko Teikoku". This is one of their newer songs that I really love, but if you want to check out the specific album I was listening to it's called "Uzu ni naru".

Thanks to everyone for the positive comments! I hope you're all doing well, and thank you for the support.