*casts revive on blog*

Backlog of scribbles that will never be finished...







Bonus scribble of one of the characters from the short comic strip, I like her design quite a bit actually.


Also, this is what happens when you ask your chat to collectively design a character, and then try to assign the colours for said character. Possibly the most repulsive thing I've drawn to date, somehow managing to be even worse than the first time I did this with chat. You know, as difficult as this may be to believe, the drawing actually looked halfway decent until we reached the skirt/tights colour, and then it just took a nosedive. Naemi linked this image of the end result along with some chat, and I think it basically sums up the experience...


Overall though, it's a really fun experience to make a drawing with the chat voting on design/colours. Possibly one of the most enjoyable things for me to do on stream, so I fully intend on doing another (3rd) one in the future. Just please, please let's aim to be better than the 2nd. Surely it cannot get much worse than this.


I think I'll try include a song I've been listening to with each post, might make it easier to post more frequently. Anyway, here's a song I only found recently but I've really enjoyed it, and after checking out the album I really like their sound:

Lastly, but most importantly, a stream viewer drew two of my characters awhile ago but I never got around to showing it off since I hadn't posted in so long. But I really love the picture and wanted to share it here. I can't describe how happy it makes me to recieve the kind messages and lovely fanart I've gotten, and saying "thank you" almost feels ungrateful because it doesn't quite capture how much it means to me. I really do appreciate every bit of support, no matter how small. So thanks everyone, and thank you Edeni for this drawing, I never really expected to have fanart of characters I drew, and I really take it as one of the highest forms of flattery. Thanks!