It's been so long since I first drew this comic that it's taken some adjusting to draw more similarly to how I did back then hahah. I've actually just ended up re-drawing a lot of frames because I wanted to do them better, but now I'm just re-drawing entire pages. It's a bit silly, I suppose, since I'm only really finishing it for my own sake at this point. But it's quite an enjoyable thing to work with no external pressure.

I really want to finish it soon so I can begin working on another story I've been writing over the past couple of weeks. I think this experience of struggling with finishing this short story has made me hyper aware of what pitfalls I tend to fall into when creating something, and hopefully my next attempt will go more smoothly. Every comic is a learning process, I suppose.


@xeni Hahah, I miss chatting with everyone too. I want to begin streaming again, maybe this weekend coming up. It probably is a good idea to go outside and do stuff regardless though, good for your health! Also, interesting theory ;)


Also, just a song I've been listening to recently: