A good friend of mine just turned 29, so I drew them one of their favorite characters. It has really been awhile since I last drew Nozomi, but she's still fun to draw.


Also, apologies for the delay with the short story. I'm working on the next 4 chapters as a batch, and will try to release them closer together so it's taking a longer time. Chapter 3 is already completed though, so hopefully the rest will come along soon enough.


Oh and that bongo cat has been going around a lot recently. I tried making it into a hat just smacking a schoolgirl in the face repeatedly.





@taka I feel the same way about SoraYori, everytime the insert songs came in I felt that hit of emotion. I loved Hinata too, but the entire cast was incredible. I think by the end I like Shirase the most, that scene where she stood up for Hinata was my favorite.


Still alive. Just slowly chugging away at the draft.


Speaking of this story, I actually got a really nice drawing of the two main characters from Bolivardi. It's the first time somebody's drawn fanart of something like this for me, so I really appreciate it!


And just another doodle, hopefully I'll actually finish this one.



Just wanted to draw something for Saki's Birthday which is coming up soon. Really love this pairing.


Also, @Bolivardi who left the comment on my previous post, thank you for the kind words. Slumps are a natural part of trying to be creative, but I hope you get your energy back soon. I'm not sure if you use Twitter, but I've opened my DMs on for a short period if you wish to send a message privately.


Someone left a comment mentioning Saki's latest casual outfit, and it made me realize I haven't drawn Saki in awhile, so here you go. Cute outfit for a cute character.