Back to one... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


@SunCat I have written a few drafts that I considered posting on the blog before, but eventually I begin overthinking it all and not posting them hahah... I think maybe I'd be better off just writing off the top of my head, even if it meant the thoughts were less concise. Maybe just post random thoughts and organize it later down the line, who knows, it might work out better.

I hope you have managed to find that creative outlet, but even if you haven't I think the things stopping you happen to all of us. I suppose that doesn't seem too encouraging but I find it helps for me personally to know that my experiences arent something that's unique to me alone.

I'll check out that manga you recommended, especially given how much I enjoyed the last one! It's always nice to read about a topic you're more knowledgable in, helps give you a better appreciation for it.


@Flo I now feel bad for not keeping up the daily posting right after you complimented me on it. RIP.


@Naemi Hoi hoi Naemi, I'm a bit mentally drained by other than that I'm doing well, thanks!

In a lot of ways drawing is sorta stress relief to me, so I don't mind drawing often. If i'm drawing a lot that's typically a good sign hahaha. With that said, I agree that it's important to step back and take a break every so often, burn out is real.

I'm surprised to hear you got suspended for saying that. I wasn't aware twitter took a stance on such things. Is being suspended the same as being banned, or is there a duration it lasts for? I'm sort of curious now what twitter's guidelines are for suspension.

Congrats on the internship! That's really exciting news, I'm super happy for you. It's good to hear that you're enjoying it despite how busy it must be, that's a great sign you're in the right field.

Anyway, thanks for the message, it's always nice to read some good news from people I know! Keep up the good work and stay busy! I hope to see your name in the credits of a game someday, hahah!


No drawing today sorry. Will resume regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, but I have to keep this chain alive. At least make it to double digits PLEASE.


@SunCat I feel you on the waiting for updates... it's the reason I often just read manga in cycles rather than chapter by chapter. I'll end up forgetting for a few months then reading it from the beginning again when I pick it back up.


Yuka is a great character, but what surprised me was the fact the main character was so enjoyable to follow. Just watching his determination and progress was something I really appreciated. The story and characters feel so authentically written. There's a lot of parts I wanted to write about but I ended up just recommending it to some friends and gushing to them instead.


A part that really resonated with me personally was when Yaguchi mentioned how scary it was to admit what you liked. I think art can be an incredibly honest take on your view of the world, and because it's so personal it can also feel like you're exposing your thoughts for other people to tear apart.

f:id:cosmiclatte:20190620235238j:plainIt's something I think about a lot, I want to be truthful but I'm also scared that people will reject the things you hold dear. A big part of what makes (in my mind) a great artist is having some belief you're willing to express, and the confidence to do so. I still feel in many ways I'm too timid, or concerned with what people may think to be truly honest, but maybe someday I'll get there. There's so much I want to write about my thoughts on the manga, but I don't have the time tonight for it. I do really want to thank you for suggesting it to me though, it's been on my mind a lot since reading it.


@edeni Yeah I considered it, but I just didn't feel like it suited my idea for the stream. I didn't really want to stifle the viewer experience by putting the canvas on a curved display in 3D space. Just something more low key to keep in the corner and watch is enough for me. With that said, all you really need is a 3d model and you can import it into VDraw, the tool will do the rest.


@Kevinfu pls no bully oikawa.


Also here's my song for the day. I was listening to a lot of classic piano pieces while reading Blue Period.



@edeni Yeah I had it in mind for awhile now, but it's nothing as fancy as what you're imagining. I got the idea when I first saw the Bongo Cat webcam for osu players, and wanted to make a basic version like that but with my character instead hahah. I know there's similar tools for it already, such as VDraw but I didn't want it taking up the full screen, just something small and simple on the corner of the stream for my own entertainment. Yeah I've seen Underlords, and I played a bit of Autochess with some friends. It's not really for me I think, but it looks fun enough. I still play Artifact though, hahah. Long haul is long.


@SunCat Thank you so much for the recommendation! I ended up reading all 9 chapters in one go, what an incredible read. I love stories that involve people pursuing their passions, and this being about art made it even more enjoyable to me. I also loved Yuka's combination of the gakuran with a seifuku.




@Penguin I've actually modeled for quite a few years now hahah, I just don't really do it much anymore. I did want to make something special for my stream though, hence the model. As for other things, my specialization was in graphic design, so I'd sort of like to work on some typography again in future. I was thinking about maybe making some designs and drawing them on a shirt that I could draw a character wearing, hahah.


In other news, I finally got around to watching The Wire recently. I've just finished season one with a friend, and I really, really enjoyed it. The characters and writing were really well done, and I can't wait to start season 2.


As for anime, I haven't really been watching any recently. Sarazanmai was interesting, but I haven't kept up with it for some weeks now. Maybe I'll get back into things once the new season airs.




@Kevin Nice! I totally binged Haikyuu too, hahah. I loved episode 16 in particular for season 1. Just seeing the other side of team sports where people deal with losing. It's a pretty important aspect that I feel often gets overlooked, but I always love when it's depicted so genuinely. Season 2 is incredible, especially because I love Aoba Johsai as a team. Speaking of, who were your favorite characters? Would be interested to hear which ones you liked the most! My personal favorites were Oikawa, Kenma and Kuro but I really loved all of them.


As to your question, edeni is correct in that the show I mentioned was called Hakumei to Mikochi. I watched it in the evenings with a friend and it was just an incredibly warm and comfy anime, loved every second of it. No joke though make sure you have some food near you when you watch it, because there are a lot of scenes that feature food. I got so hungry watching it that by episode 4 I made sure to have a bowl of something hot to eat while I watched.




@edeni Hahah yeah I don't have a switch either, but I plan on picking one up for Animal Crossing. Almost feels like a bit of a waste to pick one up just for a single game, but I think it's the only game I'm really looking forward to.


@zornor Yeah you're right, but I think for me right now it's a little different. You've actually touched on something I sorta want to write about more in-depth, not so much as an article but just some personal thoughts or musings on the topic. I feel there's a lot of skills you want to take on when you get into art, and I really do believe the great artists are capable of a wide variety of things. More recently though I almost feel compelled to focus in on fewer things and just try to execute them at a higher level. It's strange because I don't think there's any one particular thing that will make me feel like I've "made" it in that sense, and I'm still unsure if I'm approaching this correctly, but I guess I'll go into that more at a later date.





@Penguin yeah I saw the outfits, though the first two you linked aren't too new right? The second two you linked came out a few days back, I liked the casual outfit quite a lot. I actually did sketch Saki back when the costumes were revealed, but I'm still sorting out how I want to draw it feels like so I didn't end up posting it.


I'm in sort of a strange place artistically right now, in that I'm not really sure what direction I'm headed in, but I know what I want to change. I sort of want to start writing about art again, maybe just post some musings on this blog. It's sort of strange, I want to write about my personal thoughts and feelings, but at the same time I'm really concious about other people seeing it. Writing in general always just helped me get things out from my head and down onto paper. Maybe it'd help with keeping a regular posting schedule too, hahah.


In other news, the new Animal Crossing game was shown a few days ago. I suspected it would be delayed, but I'm really happy that we got an actual release date. Super excited for it to come out, can't wait to see the changes and additions they've made. I personally feel like you're going to be able to travel to multiple islands since you're now able to furnish the outdoor areas. I also hope we'll be able to travel to a more centralized city area to mingle/meet other players and perhaps take a trip to their islands. Aaaahhhh I can't wait to play it, I'm gonna draw my character in all the outfits!


Anyway, here's a song I've been listening to recently:






@Naemi she's original. Mostly been scribbling random characters instead of fanart while I shake off the rust, but the Pokemon update earlier has me thinking about drawing Sonia hahah.