The tea trader

Had a bunch of variations for her character reference sheet made in the past few days, but this is the one I ended up going with since I liked it the most.f:id:cosmiclatte:20150114052842j:plain

The constant switch between 2D and 3D is really getting to me, it's like I can't retain information well enough, so everytime I get back into modeling I have to re-learn so many things all over again. Each time I do it though, I remember more things, so that's something at least.


Also, my friend pointed out that the Onegai! Cinderella opening sequence from episode 1 of Cinderella Girls was listed as an insert song, meaning we'll most likely get to see the actual opening next episode! As much as I loved the Onegai! Cinderella PV and song, it will be nice to see an anime original song for the opening, which looks to be what we'll be getting.