@Penguin I've actually modeled for quite a few years now hahah, I just don't really do it much anymore. I did want to make something special for my stream though, hence the model. As for other things, my specialization was in graphic design, so I'd sort of like to work on some typography again in future. I was thinking about maybe making some designs and drawing them on a shirt that I could draw a character wearing, hahah.


In other news, I finally got around to watching The Wire recently. I've just finished season one with a friend, and I really, really enjoyed it. The characters and writing were really well done, and I can't wait to start season 2.


As for anime, I haven't really been watching any recently. Sarazanmai was interesting, but I haven't kept up with it for some weeks now. Maybe I'll get back into things once the new season airs.