@edeni Yeah I had it in mind for awhile now, but it's nothing as fancy as what you're imagining. I got the idea when I first saw the Bongo Cat webcam for osu players, and wanted to make a basic version like that but with my character instead hahah. I know there's similar tools for it already, such as VDraw but I didn't want it taking up the full screen, just something small and simple on the corner of the stream for my own entertainment. Yeah I've seen Underlords, and I played a bit of Autochess with some friends. It's not really for me I think, but it looks fun enough. I still play Artifact though, hahah. Long haul is long.


@SunCat Thank you so much for the recommendation! I ended up reading all 9 chapters in one go, what an incredible read. I love stories that involve people pursuing their passions, and this being about art made it even more enjoyable to me. I also loved Yuka's combination of the gakuran with a seifuku.